CONSINEE was founded in 1999 with the intention of redefining the meaning of luxury yarns for fashion and home, with cashmere at the heart of the collection.
Following 20 years of continual investment in leading Italian technologies and expertise in processing, dyeing and spinning, combined with creative colour and yarn innovations developed by our international design team, CONSINEE has become one of the global market leaders in taking a forward thinking approach to modern luxury and supplying over 15% of the worlds cashmere.
At CONSINEE we use only the very best premium natural fibres in our all our yarns, with cashmere the core of our collection. The luxury, beauty and exceptional warmth of cashmere is unrivalled and immediately recognizable due to its’ unique qualities of lustre, lightness, durability and softness creating a superior elegance for knitwear.
We value tradition and heritage very highly, working closely in partnership with experienced goat herders, whilst also embracing innovation using modern dyeing and manufacturing processes to create exceptional colours, effects and weights with all our yarns.
We believe in total transparency from the provenance of raw fibre to the complete production process and offering full traceability back to the farms for all our natural fibres.
We have been awarded the coveted Good Cashmere Standard, an award that serves as a benchmark to reassure our customers Consinee cashmere is sustainably and responsibly produced.To find out more about our commitment to
Our pioneering and progressive approach has made us world leaders in luxury achieving major milestones we are very proud of such as:

* Being awarded the Demonstration Enterprise of Single Champion Manufacturing Industry

* Committing to sustainability and becoming a Green Factory

* Creating the first fully digital intelligent unmanned spinning facility in China

* Being selected as the first Chinese spinner to exhibit at Pitti Filat in Italy

Our customer commitment means we like to listen and react to your individual needs, if you are looking for your own unique blends, counts or colours or simply want more information please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.