The Consinee Group has always had a pioneering and progressive approach to manufacturing.  As the only large scale spinner in China to use solely imported automatic production lines and continually investing heavily in the latest technology we are very proud to be identified as the “demonstration enterprise of single champion manufacturing industry” in China today and the leading company in the “Made in China 2025”.
Renowned today as leaders in luxury, we produce premium quality yarns and fabrics focussed on natural fibres. With an annual production of around 10,000 tons, pure cashmere accounts for approximately 2,000 tons which occupies around a 10-15% market share of total cashmere global output making Consinee the largest exporter of cashmere yarns in China.
IWith our commitment to a more sustainable future, we have invested in the first fully digital intelligent unmanned spinning facility in China in partnership with Siemens, Germany.

Applying “SEDO” to the entire production process we have created fully digital integration at every stage to create an efficient management system for all aspects of R&D, production, quality control, warehousing and logistics with an ability to deliver products within three weeks.

This state of the art facility creates a reduction in waste and increased energy savings alongside an ability to offer complete traceability and transparency throughout the production chain.To find out more about our commitment to sustainability click here

26 brand new Italian OCTIR woolen production lines with an annual capacity of 2,500 tons in cashmere and cashmere blends.
Brand new Italian SANT’ ANDREA worsted production lines of 5,000 spindles with an annual capacity of more than 1,000 tons of worsted pure cashmere and cashmere blends.
Fully automatic Italian MARZOLI semi-worsted production lines of 6,000 spindles with the annual capacity more than 1,000 tons of semi-worsted pure cashmere and cashmere blends.
we were the first Chinese spinner to import the latest intelligent Italian dyeing machinery, giving an output of 10,000 tons including 5,000 tons for fibre dye, 2,000 tons for yarn dye and 3,000 tons for top dye.
Completed in 2020 this new pioneering factory will increase our woolen yarn output by 1,000 - 2,000 tons annually.