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Product Details
100% baby Cashmere / 12gg 1end

Available in 41 colours

Baby cashmere minimum order quantities:

Stock supported shades 1kg per colour

Non-stock supported yarn dyed shades 5kgs per colour

Non-stock supported top dyed solid and mélange shades 20kgs per colour.

Baby cashmere uses pure baby cashmere offering an unrivalled quality cashmere in our yarn collection. Expertly spun using only the precious fibre derived from a kid cashmere goat before it reaches 12 months old.

Unique to China, this fiber is humanely collected from the shoulders and flanks of the kid goat yielding an average micron of 14-14.5µm and a fibre length of 34-36mm, making it noticeably softer, warmer and more luxurious than any other cashmere fibre available.