The 6th China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5 to 10, 2023. Centering on the theme of "New Era, Shared Future", CONSINEE Group will make a grand debut with its three major brands - CONSINEE, TOPLINE and ICCI, adhering to the concept of "yarns set the river and mountain, and raw materials set the world", bringing you the high-end and professional advantages of the world-class yarn suppliers.

At this CIIE, Consinee Group is located in the 6.2A1-02 Consumer goods exhibition area, once again adjacent to the top international luxury brands such as LVMH Group and DOLCE&GABBANA. Through the simple and atmospheric booth design, combined with the popular Maillard color system this fall, using cashmere yarn and high-end clothing details to showcase the charm, elegance, and art of Chinese luxury brands around the world. It also conveys the constancy, confidence and determination of the Consinee Group to continue to promote Chinese luxury fashion to the international stage.

The popular "Maillard" outfit with the new trend of autumn clothing in 2023 is eye-catching. "Maillard" is derived from the "Maillard reaction" that occurs during the cooking process of meat. It is a dressing style with a brown color scheme as the main color tone and a small amount of orange and red embellishments.

The TOPLINE 24/25AW collection is a perfect interpretation of Maillard style with the warm elegance of brown coffee color and the atmosphere of autumn and winter. Cashmere, alpaca, silk and other rare animal fibers are still the focus of use. The original texture is strengthened by the defect details such as coarse fiber joints, fancy spots and micro bamboo joints. The embossed structure formed by thick yarn and jacquard shows the aesthetic style of modern architecture.

The TOPLINE 24/25AW collection uses a lot of dark brown and khaki colors in the color, and a large area of brown coffee with a reddish reddish brown tone. The color wheel is calm and restrained with a sense of memory, so that the retro low-key brown has a different flavor.

The fashionable tiger pattern is one of the most popular patterns this season. CALLA emerged as the times require. The combination of cashmere and silk, with 100% natural fiber and tiger pattern design, not only carries wild impact power, but also hides a gentle and charming side of cat nature. This yarn uses brushed texture to present a hazy appearance, creating a retro style of ink while adding fashion interest.

PALLASS is a novel fancy yarn with a crepe effect and irregular detailing to create a soothing natural atmosphere. Thick colors such as oak brown and deep ruby red further strengthen the thick and soft texture of the fabric, the dynamic stripes of the contrast color match perfectly with the knitted items, and the rustic velvet fabric shows the extensive and casual fashion aesthetics.

Taking inspiration from the fruitful late autumn countryside, a series of natural colors with simple and vibrant colors are paired with thick woven materials, resulting in a warmer and more mellow product performance.A warm, soft, lightweight, and waxy mixed color loop yarn composed of high proportion cashmere, with a chenille like suede effect. The cashmere knit with circular yarn brings a new look to the classic style, while also providing a visually dense and warm touch.