Shanghai Fashion Week X Consinee X Li Liming X Oriental International interpreted the night of Consinee fashion with passion, using yarn to showcase international Shanghai style fashion and showcasing the charm of Chinese fashion to the world.

By the Huangpu River, the lanterns were shining brightly. On the evening of the 14th, the "CONSINEE FASHION NIGHT·Li Liming Knitting New Chinese Clothing Release" cruise ship event lit up Shanghai Fashion Week. When the world's leading supplier of high-end yarn, "CONSINEE", joined hands with the most dazzling "weaving queen" Li Liming in the clothing art industry to showcase the traditional weaving art of knitting, showcasing the simple, elegant, dignified, and generous Shanghai style. On the Bund screen, the five characters "Consinee Group" were particularly eye-catching, not only demonstrating the company's hard and soft strength, but also conveying the company's mission of innovating, leading, and giving confidence to the industry.

Helping dreams, Rebirth from the fire

The Consinee Fashion Night cruise event brought together many leading enterprises, fashion buyers, professional designers, and others from both domestic and foreign countries, creating a big platform for them to broaden their horizons and communicate freely. It is another powerful action of Consinee's "Fire Phoenix" plan. The company hopes to grow up together with young designers with great dreams and  global perspective, to "rebirth" and convey the fashion concept of Eastern colors to the world, achieving the value of Chinese brands.

Deep cultivation and meticulous cultivation, Sustainable green development

As a national level green factory, Consinee is committed to the green development of raw materials and the green manufacturing of materials. The utilization rate of green energy has exceeded 50%, and the zero carbon emission target has achieved significant results. The company will also uphold the concept of "yarn determines the river and mountain, and raw materials determine the world", practice the values of "green, intelligent, sustainable, and harmonious development of heaven and man", and be committed to building a global Chinese luxury brand.