On September 22, 2023, the "2023 International Shanghai Fashion Season and International Hosiery Fashion Conference" was grandly opened at Consinee Shanghai Center!

Experts, scholars, market elites, brand experts, based on the inheritance of "culture, fashion, technology, brand", around the theme of "inherit the Shanghai classic, reproduce youth fashion" to launch the forum. The forum stressed the importance of "raw materials set the world, high-quality raw materials can be permanent".


The event was organized by Shanghai Fashion Association and hosted by Consinee Group, with the guidance and support of Shanghai Association of Science and Technology and Shanghai Federation of Modern Service Industries.Relevant leaders of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Qingpu District, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Development Research Foundation, more than 60 well-known clothing brand enterprises and financial industry representatives attended the event.


In order to explore creative design talents, stimulate the enthusiasm of the fashion industry, and explore the future of the fashion industry, the conference held a grand launch ceremony of the "2024 ISFS Award". Consinee Group Executive Vice President Xue Zhengli was invited to witness this sacred moment together with various leaders.


This "International Shanghai Fashion Season" is one of the city-wide linkage activities of the World Design Capital Conference. For more than 20 years, the Consinee Group has been working hard in the field of high-end raw materials and fashion. On the one hand, we dig deep into the raw material technology and demands of the international luxury goods field; on the other hand, we absorb the traditional technology of Chinese wool spinning, inherit the intangible cultural heritage workshop of "wool textile technology", and creatively industrialization "Hainan intangible Heritage, Li Brocade", so that the historical "textile intangible heritage" will radiate new vitality of The Times.