The work finals review meeting of China Green Challenge Sustainable Fashion Design Competition was successfully held in Consinee Shanghai Center on September 12, 2023. The review meeting was jointly launched and held by China Textile Industry Federation Environment and Resources Commission. As the organizer, Consinee Group is a single champion demonstration enterprise in the manufacturing industry of cashmere yarn in China. While the group actively promoting intelligent , digital and zero-carbon production, it deeply researches and promotes the regeneration revolution of high-grade natural raw materials to industrialize the the production of  like recycled cashmere and other natural raw materials, and actively formulating the "Industry Standard for Regeneration Industry" with relevant institutions. Meanwhile, the group promotes green and sustainable development and  conveys the concept of sustainable and recyclable development and creates the benchmark of technology, fashion and green.  


    On the final scene, the judges discussed and commented on the design themes of "urban life", "inheritance and innovation" and "outdoor exploration", and carefully scored.


    Consinee Group has introduced cashmere textile and clothing waste treatment technology and established a professional production line for sorting and decomposing waste cashmere textile and clothing with international advanced level. Each batch of recycled cashmere fiber raw materials processed and produced must pass a series of stringent indicators and be fully qualified before being stored for use. Our regenerative range is fully certified to the Global Regenerative Standard (GRS).

    By recreating cashmere to create beautiful yarn, we have redefined the concept of "regeneration" and turned recycled cashmere products into beautiful luxury yarns. In this season, the Consinee Recycled Cashmere series mainly introduces two yarns, pure cashmere INTEGRO yarn and cashmere wool blend RENOVO yarn.

    By perfectly matching recycled cashmere with new cashmere in a certain proportion, INTEGRO not only meets consumers' demand for luxury and softness of pure cashmere, but also greatly maintains the green environment of nature.

    RENOVO is a premium blend of recycled wool and cashmere. The slim warmth of new cashmere is matched with the soft feel of Superfine Merino Wool. We have created a yarn that is both warm and soft to the touch, retaining the extraordinary properties of cashmere wool while making efficient use of rare fibers.

    Consinee Group recycled yarn collection demonstrates our confidence and determination to be part of the circular economy and helps create a restorative and renewable industry. To the future a piece of green, promote all things endless. With nature in mind, Consinee Recycled Cashmere firmly takes the road of sustainable development and weaves a beautiful Chinese dream.