Say goodbye to Paris and head to New York.

On July 11-12, 2023, the "CONSINEE REUNION" cruise dinner and Consinee SPINEXPO in New York were held successfully , meeting new and old friends in the Hudson River to interpret the unique 24/25 autumn and winter fashion of Consinee yarn.

At the Metropolitan Exhibition Center in New York, the latest color cards for 24/25AW, personalized, original design and sustainable yarn products are unveiled for the first time. The comprehensive fashion information, selected colors, creative fibers and innovative yarns have been praised by the consulting clients.Whether it is the classic 100% cashmere yarn or the novel fancy yarn, it has been greatly recognized and favored by the industry elites and world-renowned brand partners. During the two-day exhibition, Consinee attracted more than 200 customers to consult, laying a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation.

"The CONSINEE REUNION” Cruise dinner set off on the Hudson River in New York. Mr.Boris, Chairman and President of Consinee Group, expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the new and old friends. Chinese, Americans, friends from all over the world, gathered in one boat. Today's Consinee has a more powerful production capacity, faster delivery, better service. Guests also poured wine to celebrate the steady progress of Consinee and prosperous future. The warm atmosphere is not only support and companionship, but also heart-to-heart communication.

At the cruise dinner, counsellors and consuls from the Chinese Embassy in the United States attended the event and sent good wishes to Consinee. Zhang Zhilei, China's first heavyweight boxing champion, also appeared in a garment made of Consinee baby cashmere, which combines lightness and softness with absolute strength.

This is an international brand exchange event, and brand representatives, new and old customers, industry professionals, exhibition organizers and local mainstream media and other more than 400 guests are on the cruise ship . The bright red flag of the Consinee Group flies in the wind on the Hudson River, just like the billboards of the Consinee Group in Chinese in major airports in Europe, showing the power of Chinese brands to the world.

Through more than 20 years of precipitation and inheritance, Consinee makes Chinese brands no longer be chosen, but actively breaks the shackles and leads the fashion trend, and transmits the essence of exquisite, exquisite and high-end Oriental aesthetics to the world. Consinee will always strive to become the world's Chinese luxury brand!