CONSINEE 23/24AW undyed cashmere yarn


From morning to evening, from spring to winter, there is nothing to be bored with but pure natural color. We firmly believe that every natural color is warm, and every ECO color is unique. Only in harmony with nature can the beauty of life be fully conveyed.


White  Cashmere

Walking alone in the boundless wilderness, the early autumn wind blows every sand and stone on the earth. The undyed white cashmere brings pure and plain white for this season.


The fibres retain all of their natural characteristics: purity of colour, super soft handle, durability, and breathability.


Grey  Cashmere

The warm sun spreads to the mountains and rivers, reflecting the changing light and shadow. Grey cashmere expresses the warm sun's attachment, turning the first cold wave into warmth.


Undyed cashmere offers the ultimate solution for customers looking for truly organic sustainable luxury yarns that are both kind to your skin and to the planet.


Brown Cashmere

Melange style responds to the languor of the sun. The unique design opens up a pure sensory experience. Brown Cashmere is elegant,restrained and composed, demonstrating its unique beauty.


ECO Reflects the raw natural beauty of pure cashmere as it is found naturally in a collection from the 3 natural tones of a cashmere goats coat - creamy white,warm grey, and earthy brown.