Animal Welfare
Animal welfare is our number one priority and we have a clear code of practice for cashmere goat protection. This is enforced through creating standards that we insist herders follow from breeding, shearing, feeding, transportation and general health and welfare of the goat.
We take this responsibility seriously and take action immediately our code of practice is not followed.
No animal should be subjected to hunger, thirst, discomfort, plain, injury or disease. Animal must also have the freedom to express normal behavior and lives a life free from fear and distress.
Consinee insists on clear and comprehensive criteria to be followed:
• feed, water and nutrition
• indoor/outdoor living environment
• health, herd, breeding and kid management
• physical alterations
• combing and shearing
• handling and transport
• euthanasia and slaughter
In partnership with the Good Cashmere Standard we believe we can go a long way to making a significant improvement to the welfare of cashmere goats.
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